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Log in to check other metrics, such as time spent on each task.After a couple of weeks, you’ll start noticing patterns and knowing where and how your time is leaking.It’s about Below, you’ll find a list of my favorite time management techniques.They are a set of principles, rules, and skills that allow you to put your focus on the things that matter, get more done and help you , accomplish more with less effort, improve your decision-making ability, reduce stress, and ultimately become more successful in your career. These are the time management techniques that I find useful in my life, but you might not.

You can’t store time, borrow it, or save for later use.

For example: If you are a morning person, do your most critical work when you get in the office.

After lunch, your energy might crash a bit so it’s a great time to clean your desk, clean emails or update spreadsheets., head of product marketing for Google Apps for Work, organizes his week around his energy levels: Monday: Energy ramps out of the weekend — schedule low-demand tasks like setting goals, organizing, and planning.

To help you find them, use a #5 Delegate or Outsource Tasks Using the Eisenhower Matrix, you’ll find that some tasks are urgent but not important.

When that’s the case, the best you can do is find someone who can complete these tasks for you. Delegating or outsourcing some tasks can be a great way to multiply your efforts and get more done.

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