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But other tropes are less familiar, such as eighties juvenile-delinquent culture, or nineties “dating simulator” games, a favorite of love-starved otaku, which are parodied in a scene in which Pharrell gifts Yoshic[ch]!! For foreign viewers, the most difficult aspect of the video might be the idea that the “it girl” for one of America’s most popular singers could be a cartoon child.

It’s impossible to know how well Pharrell and his people understood Mr.’s work when they commissioned Kaikai Kiki to produce the video, or even after they saw the finished product.

Pitchfork lauded the work as “an animated epic,” while a more cautious dubbed it, incongruously, “Pokémon-inspired.” It seems to have bewildered fans, too.

Debates have sprung up on various blogs: “Why did he choose such young characters?

,” a nonsensical affirmation that is prominently displayed several times in Japanese in the course of the video.

For a time, lolicon seemed poised to go mainstream.

But in the end it remained a skeleton in the closet, reaching only domestic audiences as more palatable sci-fi and fantasy fare, such as the apocalyptic cyberpunk epic “Akira” and the early films of the director Hayao Miyazaki, built the foundations of “Cool Japan” abroad in the nineteen-eighties.

Whether the fact that the girls are animated makes it less disturbing is a matter of personal taste.

But bilingual viewers can find clues to Mr.’s intentions throughout the video.

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Today, it has morphed into an animation style called , after a kanji character meaning both “burning” and “bursting into bud.” In moé, sexuality is treated indirectly; rather than showing overtly pornographic images, it focusses on “slice of life” dramas that allow consumers—mainly adult men—to observe the budding sexuality of pre-teen and teen-age girls from a discreet remove.