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What was an acceptable interpretation in the seventeenth century of the name of a Chinese kingdom or ruler was often shown entirely differently in the twentieth century.

Since then, further revision and fine-tuning has taken place ('Peking' to 'Beijing', for example), with the result that individual names often have several interpretations in records old and new.

Progression from Neolithic settlement to imperial dynasties was far from smooth and was also not consistently upwards and onwards.

As mentioned, the Yellow River region played a vital role in shaping China, although it was not the sole birthplace of Chinese culture and invention.

More than three sovereigns exist in the list, and more than five rulers, because not all sources agree on which names to include.

The traditional view of the emergence of a single Chinese kingdom on a relatively narrow regional basis relied on the use of ancient Chinese chronicles.

In linear terms it could be said to have followed many of the Chinese Early Cultures that combined to form the basis of what is now known as China, but may in fact have been little more than a regional kingdom with its own cultural expression.

If any of these names represent once-living persons then they were likely local kings of some regional greatness who later achieved godhood through continued remembrance, but in the legendary sense they are used to show the 'creation' and progressive development of humanity in China.

It immediately precedes the Hsia dynasty (the traditional dynastic name for the Erlitou culture), which has long been seen as China's first legitimate dynasty, so for that reason it is included here as the starting point for the emergence of Chinese history.

None of its rulers can be confirmed in any way whatsoever as being historical.

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Ancient China Modern China has not always existed in its present form since its first appearance as a state.