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It's good to talk about problems in America because it's very dark days." He has been disappointed by the way the Democrats haven't been aggressively fighting the Bush administration at every corner, and there is a definite sense of disillusionment. I'm not going to be swayed by John Wayne iconography or by the argument that the right wing say they own the flag.

Naval intelligence has sent him to this melting pot of international intrigue to find a friend named Connor. gives him access to them all, but doesn’t save him from an interminable series of gunshots, stabbings, explosions and other wounds that leave him with nothing more than a small Band-Aid. The killers are all bad guys, and the only way to tell them apart is by what they’re wearing. It’s not clear what any of them are up to, but doing it in opium dens, casinos and German Embassy dinners to big band jazz music is appealingly photogenic, so the intrigues are never dull.

But Connor has been murdered by the time he arrives and everyone in Shanghai is a suspect. Nazis, Japanese imperialists, British diplomats and Chinese war lords all compete to see who can speak the most lunatic dialogue without laughing. The Japanese bad guys wear brown Red Army uniforms. Wandering in and out of the confusion is Gong Li, making her bid for English-speaking action-movie stardom.

People keep telling her “You must leave Shanghai.” One character says, emphatically, “Get the out of Shanghai! Some of the other talented but wasted people who should follow her through the doors marked “Exit” are Ken Watanabe, Chow Yun-Fat, Rinko Kikuchi and David Morse.

Politics affect human relationships in a complex political environment, even when the film is not about those issues.

The sad part is that the characters are forced to have so many different agendas to protect themselves," he says.

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The producers argue that any film that deals with this difficult period in Chinese history would run into difficulty, even though there is nothing politically or sexually insensitive in the script.

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