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) with the infrequent tour groups, helped build a diver's catamaran/diving platform to accomodate a large group (paint was wet when the arrived), played beer ball at the southern Air Force base (you get a beer at first base and your run does not count if it is not empty at home plate), participated in the land crab race (Coast Guard entry requested a forklift to meet the plane to offload their crab), frequented the very small Enlisted Man's bar way too much, learned tennis on the adjacent court, Capt Atkins taught sailing classes on Sunfishes (which gave me confidence to own 3 Hobie cast and then a 38' Morgan sailboat that I lived on in S. but then was Shanghied by Wally to go on the Twin Falls tracking ship. Left RCA in '78 from the MADOS contract in Maryland, and worked for OAO Corp for 25 years, retiring from Lockheed Martin in 2004. Thanks for the site." Comments: I WENT to work in 1955. We sailed to Cape Canaveral first stopping in NJ for work on the ship. We live on 30 acres on the Mc Kenzie River about 50 miles east of Eugene, Oregon. Comments: Ships/Range Rats party on Sunday, April 23 starting at 12 noon at Baja Seafood and Chowder in Port Canaveral. Comments: I lived in Antigua from 1966 to 1972 while my dad worked at the tracking station there.Supported off Florida , moved to Miami Beach, supported off Bermuca and the Sargasso Sea. His name was Verlin Steve Norris and he worked for RCA. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014 at the age of 73.Participated in 1st successful guided shoot of Snark missile from Patrick AFB to Ascension Island and back.Loved my duty here but moved back to the mainland to get married.Last trip to Ascension in 1968 was to replace TACAN so that 4 aircraft loaded with mercenaries could fly to and back from the Belgian Congo to rescue US Embassy personnel.Left USAF & worked for North American Rockwell at KSC. Comments: My first job after four years in the Air Force was with RCA Missile Test Project.Comments: FOR HISTORICAL PURPOSES I'M SOLICITING INFO ON RANGE BASES RE STATION ABBREVIATION, NICK NAME (I ONLY KNOW "THE ROCK") CLUB NAME AND THE LOGO OF THE CLUB OR THE STATION. Enjoyed the work and many friendships formed there.I WOULD ESPECIALLY LIKE TO HEAR OF THOSE STATIONS WHICH CLOSED EARLY; MAYAGUANA, DOMINICAN, EAST ISLAND, ST LUCIA AND FERNANDO. Would enjoy hearing from anyone that was there at that time to share memories and what they are doing now. Comments: Wor4ked for RCA from July 1956 to July 1960 at Mayaguez, then Turk and ended up at GBI. THOSE PALMETTOS ACROSS THE OLD VERY NARROW ROAD THERE WHERE WE USED TO SIGN-IN AND THEN SIT IN THE SHADE OF LONG GONE.

Comments: I served at Eleuthera AAFB for about 6 months during late 1956, as radar operator/tech.

Then transferred to the Cape Comm Center for a few months then to the Real Time Computer Facility at the Cape as a Computer Operator.

September 1967 RCA transferred me from the Missile Test Project to Project Boresite working out of Camden, NJ.

Moved to Oxnard, CA and then to Honolulu to support in the Pacific. He was definitely an Eastern Test Range rat for most of his life. We had many incredible adventures on land and sea during the 6 years of my childhood that I spent on Antigua.

I went back to Air Traffic Control in Oxnard, Ca in 1969. After Antigua he went to Jupiter, then Grand Bahama and after that closed, he went back Jupiter at the Jonathan Dickinson Missile Tracking Annex (JDMTA). My dad really enjoyed the work and the people he worked with on the islands upand down the Eastern Test Range. Comments: It was fifty years this month when my new bride of 6 month that we packed all of our belongings in the rear seat of our 1957 Ford and headed for Cocoa, Florida.

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Worked at Progress Telecom in St Pete for a couple of years, did 10 years at Harris, mostly on GOES-R and now finishing out my Eastern Range career doing Auto Cad drawings for Phacil of range equipment on the LTRS MEN contract, retiring next month.