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WOMEN, THE STATE AND REVOLUTION When the Bolsheviks came to power in 1917, they widely believed that under socialism, the family would "wither away." They envisioned a society in which communal dining halls, daycare centers, and public laundries would replace the unpaid labor of women in the home.Freed from their domestic burden, women would achieve equality with men.Law and life collide: Free union and the wageearning population 4. Pruning the "bourgeois thicket": Drafting a new Family Code 6.Sexual freedom or social chaos: The debate on the 1926 Code 7.According to Alexander Goikhbarg, the young, idealistic author of the new Family Code, it prepared the way for a time when "the fetters of husband and wife" would become "obsolete." The Code was accordingly constructed with its own obsolescence in mind. Goikhbarg, "Pervyi Kodeks Zakonov RSFSR," Proletarskaia revoliutsiia i pravo, 7 (1918): 4, 8, 9.Goikhbarg wrote, "Proletarian power constructs its codes and all of its laws dialectically, so that every day of their existence undermines the need for their existence." In short, the aim of law was "to make law superfluous."3 Goikhbarg and his fellow revolutionaries fully expected not 1 2 3 Frederick Engels, as cited in Christopher Hill, The World Turned Upside Down. Vol'fson, Sotsiologiia braka i sem'i (Minsk, 1929): 450. 1 2 Women, the state and revolution only marriage and the family to wither away, but the law and the state as well.Barbara Engel's Acknowledgments xi principled criticism, advice, and willingness to share ideas and opportunities have given me a model of how women in the profession can help each other to advance a common project.

Yet the new "dictatorship of the proletariat" would be for the vast majority democratic, its power mobilized solely to eliminate the old exploiters.

Engels's famous remark, quoted prominently by Lenin, that the machinery of state would be placed "into the museum of antiquities, next to the spinning wheel and the bronze axe,"5 was repeated almost verbatim in 1929 by S.

la Vol'fson, a Soviet sociologist, in reference to the family.

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ISBN 0-521-37404-9 hardback ISBN 0-521-45816-1 paperback Transferred to digital printing 2004 This book is dedicated to my parents J U D I T H and LAWRENCE G O L D M A N to their values and their ideals Contents Page ^v^iii List of tables Acknowledgments x 1.

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They legalized abortion in 1920 and made it available to women free of charge.