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Itunes smart playlist live updating

I'd be very interested in hearing other experiences.

In my experience, there are certain rules that will make a smart playlist fail to update dynamically when on an i Pod.

Syncing is not my problem, just that the synced playlist is just as stale as in i Tunes.

Is there a way to get smart playlists with live updating to work again, or is this a bug for which I have to wait on Apple to fix it?

: I was playing around with my smart playlists this morning and discovered an additional tidbit of information that may be useful for some.

Once I synced my i Phone playlist showed my music sorted by ‘Date Added’ as well.

I think the Podcast rule is a bug and for all I know it's fixed now.

I just avoid it and use *Genre contains/does not contain Podcast and that seems to work just fine for me in most cases. If the only way it knows to change out a song is when one of the intermediaries does so, and that intermediary playlist isn't on the ipod, then it will not change your ipod's smart playlist 'till itunes boots up again.

Is it possible to use Applescript to make i Tunes smart playlists update?

tell application "System Events" to tell application process "i Tunes" set frontmost to true repeat 2 times tell menu item "Edit Smart Playlist" of menu "File" of menu bar 1 to perform action "AXPress" tell checkbox "Live updating" of window 1 to perform action "AXPress" tell button "OK" of window 1 to perform action "AXPress" end repeat end tell Credit here goes to the answer above, by fartheraway.

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I tried switching off and on the 'live updating', restarting i Tunes in between. I copied the playlist, and the copy showed the same stale set of podcasts, not the newer ones I verified existed.

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