Issues on sedating mental patients

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Greater oversight and accountability must be achieved to ensure that out-dated and harmful practices are abandoned in favour of treatment that takes a patient-centred and evidence-based approach.

are a frequently used tool in mental health legislation to authorise the compulsory treatment of a person without their consent.

Overview Mental health patients possess the same human rights as all other individuals in the world.

Medical illness may result in behaviour disturbance.Ideally the assessment area should have no dangerous objects easily at hand and should have more than one exit.Some medical practices and hospitals have systems to alert staff that a presenting patient may be difficult to manage, or pre-agreed management plans for particular patients.This behaviour may be caused by a medical illness, a psychiatric illness or drug intoxication or withdrawal. It is important that a diagnosis is made, but in some cases the patient may need sedation before they can be examined.If non-drug management, such as de-escalation techniques, does not work, a benzodiazepine or antipsychotic can be considered.

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This treatment is generally reduced to nothing more than arrest and forced medication. Although the imposition of a CTO is the health profession’s current response to people diagnosed with mental illness and who may have a history of refusing treatment, its broad scope and intrusive nature allows great room for abuse.

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