Irrational fears dating

Posted by / 22-Dec-2019 09:28

So they behave irrationally until that need is fulfilled.The problem comes when they fulfill that need so they continue to act irrationally.In other words if he was at a rodeo, then his yelling would seem appropriate for the situation.But since he’s at a restaurant, his behavior is definitely perceived as irrational.

However, what we see from our perspective is someone yelling inappropriately and seemingly out of context.There are a number of reasons someone would go off like that.In the end, what he’s really yelling about isn’t usually obvious.I guess some people might think I was manipulating or influencing her in some way, but my primary goal was that she was able to get through the flight without getting any negative feelings. I sat there, sometimes a tad uncomfortable because of the amount of times she talked about my looks.Not that I wasn’t flattered, but at the time, I was married, and not interested in other people. Like I said, No fear or anxiety about being inside a plane.

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Heck, even someone who is completely rational most of the time can suddenly “lose it” because something triggers him or her.