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Iranian dating in denmark

Persian exports to Denmark include mainly carpets, dried fruits, and raw and semiprocessed materials. The first chair in Iranian philology was established at the University of Copenhagen in 1919, but Danish interest in Iranian studies in Denmark began in the 17th century, when Frederik III, duke of Gottorp, sent a delegation to Persia; the secretary was the German Adam Olearius (1603-71), who left a valuable description of the journey.Olearius arrived in Isfahan in August 1637; while there he learned Persian.Danish exports to Persia consist primarily of agricultural products, cheese, butter, grains, cooking oil, powdered milk, and the like.Feta cheese, deliberately developed to resemble the Persian goat cheese, is particularly important.

The circumstances in which these coins reached Denmark are not yet certain ( see Welin; COMMERCE iv; a fragment found more recently is in the Royal coin and medallion collection; Anne Kromann, personal communication).

Because of the difficult mountainous terrain to be crossed the work crew of 55,000 men also had to construct 250 tunnels and 550 bridges. As an oil-exporting country, Persia maintained a favorable balance of trade with Denmark for many years.

Despite limited available resources, this project was completed in five and a half years, one of the most successful ever carried out in Persia (Boisen, 1946; idem, 1965, pp. From the early 1960s Danish exports to Persia also increased, as Persian oil revenues permitted significant increases in imports from Western countries.

Almost a century after Olearius’ expedition the Danish king Frederik V (1746-66), encouraged by J. Michaelis of Göttingen, sent another expedition to the east to collect materials about the the Old Testament and the Orient that produced it. Münter (1761-1830) who, in his (1800), identified the vertical wedge and correctly argued that it was used to separate words.

This ill-fated expedition departed in 1761; the only member to survive fatal illness on the long and dangerous journey was Carsten Niebuhr (1733-1815), who managed to visit Persepolis, where he copied the Achaemenid inscriptions for the first time. He also recognized the repeated word groups that constitute the title “king of kings.” The Dane Rasmus Rask (1787-1832) first recognized the genitive plural form in Old Persian , written in 1821 and published in Copenhagen in 1826.

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The Danes sent the ship with its cargo to Copenhagen, where four years later a Persian ambassador arrived to negotiate compensation for the merchandise.