Interracial dating england

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Interracial dating england

It was strange.” - peteisneat “My wife is white, I am Asian.

My dad gives everybody chopsticks and her a fork whenever we eat.” - yddraigtan “I’m blonde hair blue-eyed and my boyfriend is indigenous Peruvian, my brother is dating a black woman and my sister is dating an Indian man. My cousin said that we are destroying the white race.

If that event existed, it was likely more complex than explained.

Honour killings aren't endemic to any black culture that I am aware of and outside that are extremely rare. Thats 30 years ago where 'race relations' in Britain were significantly different and have little baring on what goes on today in London.

From ignorant comments from family to abuse from strangers on the street, here are their heartbreaking, infuriating and downright ridiculous stories.

“I’m a white man who is marrying a biracial man (his father was black, his mother is white) this summer.

This is mainly due to a sense of community rather than general disapproval as Londoners as a whole are 'progressive minded' and liberal and Brits in general regard it as impolite to 'get involved' in another's private life and their choices unless they are friends or relatives.

“They all said: ‘He will make you convert to Islam. If you have kids with him, he’ll take them away to the Middle East. He will beat/abuse you.’ “We dealt with it by laughing at it.

wife knows or knew a white guy who was married to a black female in London and she was murdered by black men for being with a white guy..of honour killing I suppose, I never really understood it myself.'Honour killing'?

I think you misunderstood it badly or just misheard.

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I dated a nurse from Sierra Leone back in the mid 80s and didn't get any problems although one elderly black female at the local bus depot looked like she was spitting feathers!!

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Never really had much of an issue apart from me being called a ‘N....r lover’ by a drunken ‘friend’.