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Many IRC clients feature a DCC (direct client to client) protocol which allows users to do exactly as the name implies.

From Wolfenstein to Commander Keen, users were able to learn about a BBS by word of mouth and, in its pinnacle, through printed magazines focusing on BBS’s.Last century filesharing was a fringe hobby, only for geeks who were lucky enough to own a computer that could dial into the World Wide Web.How different is that today, where filesharing has become daily routine for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.Generally, release groups would upload new media to their release servers and create various kinds of announcements thereof (generally, IRC bot based).Then, couriers who had access to the release servers, as well as other servers, would transport or “race” new releases from one server to another, typically with the use of FXP.

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However, they operated using UUCP and were able to transcend beyond the centralization of a BBS.

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