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She had become Anna Kim to get a window into Korean community.Despite the initial deception, Vladimir and Gayane continued talking and eventually started dating.However, once they met Sharip, both her parents and friends were relieved.In fact, both Sharip and Irina say that the biggest challenges were not cultural, but practical: how to unite two separate families with their own lifestyles, habits, and routines.When David first came to Moscow 10 years ago, he stood out like a sore thumb. On public transportation, other passengers avoided sitting next to him. Many accused him of marrying his wife Natasha for financial reasons.

Practical challenges like these are something Yevgenia Novokhatnaya understands well.

When she was growing up in the Soviet Union, “friendship of nations” was state policy and any manifestation of racism by a public figure was seen as indecent.

Sharip Dzhabirov was a successful real estate entrepreneur, but his romantic prospects looked dim.

As an ethnic Tatar, Sharip was encouraged that she “knew Islam.” She also related well to his children.“I never imagined that I would find a woman who could accept and respect my children,” Sharip says.

Both families were supportive of Sharip and Irina’s decision to marry and start a family together. Sharip says his Chechen relatives would have “preferred I marry a Chechen.”Irina’s parents and friends also had concerns—unfortunately, Chechens “provoke a subjective reaction,” she says euphemistically.

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