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Readers can check whether a quotation has been included by consulting the online edition of the , provided they, their public library, or their institution, subscribe to the service.The revision is a huge task, and in order to meet tough deadlines Oxford regrets that it cannot enter into correspondence about individual submissions.Each sentence in English provides some type of information.For example, a sentence can be a statement, a question, a request, a command, a denial or a response, etc. Even expats can fail, though you might be wondering what this means.Strictly speaking, the expression “expat failure“ is used in the HR and global mobility industry, as well as in management studies.Other expats — those who corporate assignees with a fast-track career and generous remuneration — might not identify with this kind of expatriate failure at first.But it can affect them too: They may return home sooner rather than later.

We use printed evidence of new words from magazines, newspapers, books, song lyrics, practical manuals – indeed from any published source. A ‘new word from the past’ may sound like a contradiction, but Dictionary editors are particularly keen to receive information about words from earlier centuries that have so far escaped inclusion: for example, words from books or manuals from previous centuries on any profession, trade, craft, or hobby with a specialized vocabulary, from building techniques to pigeon-fancying.

New information on how words came into the English language from scholars working in this area is welcomed.

Also, every entry in the Dictionary includes supporting quotations which build up a picture of a word’s use, ranging from the earliest known example to one illustrating recent usage, and including intermediate quotations throughout the centuries.

Although the average expat won’t accrue costs of nearly half a million bucks if their international move doesn’t go according to plan, they have to dig into their own pockets for shipping their belongings, plane tickets, etc.

In addition to the financial burden, failure takes an emotional and psychological toll.

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Providing the submission does not duplicate evidence already held in-house, it is filed electronically.