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Among other things, Isha Foundation and Jaggi Vasudev are primarily purveyors of instruction in yoga and meditation.

As Ian Sample points out in this interview, the reason that the massive accelerator was built on the earth was because it is a much cheaper alternative to sending a sufficiently sensitive detector into outer space to look for the Higgs boson in cosmic rays that are not sullied by atmospheric effects. Vasudev is also ignorant, willfully or otherwise, of the entire field of cosmology.The second assertion is a vague claim at best and false at worst, depending on how generous we are in interpreting it. Vasudev is aware of the quest for understanding dark matter and dark energy, then he is willfully misrepresenting facts because this is indeed a very hot area of research.Jaggi Vasudev states the interesting fact that much of the universe is ’empty space’ (e.g.In general, the educated middle class (in India and elsewhere) is not educated well enough to reject pseudoscience, yet people remember enough science from high school to be awed by popular (mis)representations.Since most people last encounter rigorous science in high school, much of what one should know about science is forgotten later in life. Vasudev seems to appeal are in this demography and know just enough science to ‘understand’ the dishonest and incorrect (pseudo)scientific claims of self-styled gurus. Vasudev’s cunning and unprecedented use of ‘they’ and ‘us’ to refer to scientists and his followers suggests that he seeks to represent his organization as a ‘only path to ‘-type cult.

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Jaggi Vasudev fails to recognize that scientific progress is a remarkable by-product of human ingenuity.

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