How to reply to online dating

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you don’t have to be Brad Pitt, but come on now…attraction is important.” Obviously, this woman has head on her shoulders.

If nothing else, she is interesting and quite articulate and must have more to her than some other girl who wrote: “I am not sure what to write on here….

this has made me very sensitive and empathetic which is why people find it easy to share with.

I’m a romantic and therefore am usually disappointed by the guys I meet… I like to stand up for the underdog and give attention to the forgotten.

I’m looking for someone who compliments my personality and who has enough of their own to keep me interested.I am looking for someone who listens well and who can articulate his thoughts effectively.There’s nothing more annoying than having a one way conversation. Also, I am not trying to be rude, but i would like someone who keeps up his appearance…Like in real life, meeting women online means running into many “average” ones and meeting someone who is exceptional and clearly a more interesting person once in a while.This means that you will browse through dozens or hundreds of online dating profiles, the vast majority of which will look the same, but every now and then a profile of a woman will clearly convey to you that the writer is a different and likely to be a much more interesting woman than many others.

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But, of course, writing a one-word email in response to her one-word message isn’t going to do much in the way of building interest and attraction, so you will need to craft a short sentence or two along with a good simple question.