How radioactive dating works Amatuar cams

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How radioactive dating works

In this lesson you'll learn what radioactive materials are and explore where they come from and how they can be useful to us.

Everything on Earth is made of atoms, but you can see that not everything on Earth is the same.

Beta radiation is a stream of beta particles, which are negatively charged.

These particles can more easily penetrate materials like clothes, and they can even get deep into your skin where they can do harm to your cells.

In fact, most radioactive materials occur naturally in the environment and have been around much longer than humans!

All radioactive materials eventually decay, just not at the same rate.

The extra energy, or radiation, emitted by radioactive elements comes in three different types: alpha, beta, and gamma.

These are the protons, neutrons, and electrons of the atom.

The number of protons determines what element that atom is.

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