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Gps buyers guide traffic updating

But the greatest time-saving technology is the live traffic data that’s available on mid-range models and above.

The speed of traffic on major roads is constantly monitored by the satnav firms, so your device can route you around any traffic hotspots as they develop on your journey.

One of the most useful features, if your car doesn’t already have it, is a Bluetooth connection.

Connect your phone wirelessly and the satnav can search through contacts, make a call and act as a microphone and speaker so you don’t need to touch your phone.

But when it comes to getting the absolute best satnavs on the market, Garmin and Tom Tom have the market pretty much sewn up.Speed camera warnings are billed as alerts to warn you to take care on stretches of road that are so dangerous that they have had to have speed cameras installed.The device will usually beep as you approach a camera – also serving as a handy reminder to check your speedometer. Putting another screen in your car could be a recipe for distraction, but the best models come with voice control to minimise how often you need to use the touchscreen.There are, however, additional features that do differentiate the products, including the 3D junction displays, which show you a path through complicated motorway junctions, or a series of turns that follow in quick succession.This can make all the difference when you’re surrounded by traffic in an unfamiliar situation.

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Indeed, the latest satnavs have fought back against the smartphone.

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