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The pair of teens chatted for a few more seconds then gave each other a hug, which seemed to go on a little longer then normal. Molly’s hope was reward when the girls tilted their faces opposite ways and leaned in, giving each other a soft kiss that soon turned into a tongue-filled encounter.

“Thanks for coming by,” Molly could overhear Kaitlyn saying to her friend.

However, once she was caught looking by Molly, Kaitlyn quickly turned her attention elsewhere before walking back to her trailer. While Molly’s sexuality on-set was unknown, Kaitlyn’s was also a mystery though there were hints.

The brunette was actually a full-fledged lesbian, as she had stopped fucking men back during college and been with women only, enjoying the soft curves of females over rough fucking of men.

The girls giggled as they embraced before Molly turned around to go back to the dining room table she began the scene at.

As she offered her luscious backside towards Kaitlyn, her co-star took the opportunity to give her booty a healthy swat, much like guys did after making a good play in football. The brunette gave a loud “whoa”, causing both girls to laugh audibly as Molly continued her walk in her high heels to the table.

However, she didn’t make that public due to working in show business, and also because it was no one else’s business.

While Kaitlyn wasn’t shouting her sexuality from the top of buildings either, she wasn’t as careful hiding her’s.

Once her large summer salad was gone and the chatting was dying down, Molly excused herself to go freshen up in her own trailer, located conveniently beside her pretty co-star.

By the time the girl had walked 20 feet in the opposite direction of the hiding Molly, Kaitlyn was already back in her trailer with the door closed. Kaitlyn was highly attractive and assertive like her character on the show, though she was only 18 years old.

But if Molly came on too strong then she may scare the girl a decade younger then her off, which was exactly not what she wanted to do.

However Molly stopped as she turned the corner and approached their space.

Standing in the open doorway of her change room was Kaitlyn, who was right next to another girl that Molly didn’t recognize. Molly’s attention was reaching a fever pitch in anticipation, and she made sure to hide further behind the corner to make sure they felt like they had privacy.

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The scene was one of a few left to shoot for the episode they were working one, which would be great once wrapped since they would have a break in shooting schedule of a couple weeks.

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