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Funnt dating profile

His father broke up his relationship with Tae-Hee (Han Eun-Jung) and he still can't get over her. The flying power is so ridiculous especially at the ending.

I don't get it why Hong Bin clung to Se Dong so much as I found no crucial point of them for having a strong feeling towards each other. What did Se Dong do to Hong Bin that he loved her so much?

SSD, I can enjoyed her act too..actually i cannot really get theirs couple chemistry..event i know they had try theirs best.. and i love the OST too The ending of this drama is so ridiculous.. I only watched this drama for LDW , I love him, and also the title and the story sounded interesting however, I am disappointed. I’ve got to say that despite its quirkiness and flaws, I found Blade Man is a beautiful drama.

i more feel chemistry between LDW oppa and chang as father n son..their so cute together... After trying to phisically hurt SSD, How can Butler Yoon just...escape just like that i mean...,isn't she at least undergo a community service ?? I just finished watching it yesterday and the story lacks a lot and the reason was not deducting 2 episodes at all. I don’t normally find K-dramas with a slow pace interesting but here, they made it just so beautifully.

I so love those "ANAJWO, PPALLI" (HUG ME, QUICKLY) scene. decided to end it at 18 episodes, so at the end of the drama, some things were left untold. The producers should have finished the last 2 episodes to finish it up correctly. lee dong wook u made me amaze everytime im watching ur kdramas....a great actor...... Well, I like it more if it has side stories from the very beginning, not only in the last 2 eps (Seung Hwan-Doctor, Secretary Go-beautiful lady, and Chang-little girl). Like why Buttler Yoon did such things, what is the significance of some parts, etc).

The blades are somewhat irrelevant...nevertheless a must watch kdrama...scenes are great especially with the leads.... I expect all explanations at the end, but yeah there was none. ENJOY I don't know why it is unclear the purpose of blades?

To me,that's the biggest story flaw among the other flaws in this drama I loved the weirdness of this drama. secretary ko, he is so funny), make me smile, tighten and cry. There are two reasons why this show ends up on the bottom of my list: the writers and Shin Se Kyung. She ends up destroying any piece of emotion that could be held in a romantic scenario. Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung acted excellent, they convey the inner character very well: D Their eyes are acting so great., soul of eyes! Hugs are so comforting and I am loving that they made it a big part of this drama. Many scenes only depicted the actor/actress acting with their body language (no lines required) and they were performed very well. Hope it becomes a habit, they must really like his working attitude.

The hide-and-seek thing happened repeatedly and going nowhere I guess. And also the funny moments of Secretary Ko hahaha I wonder why many didn't watch this and so as the ratings is the proof.And on their wedding, JHB all of the sudden flies to the sky with SSD in his arm i mean.., SSD might probably know his secrets tho i don't really sure but what about everyone else watching? the story is filled with unnecessary scenes to the extant that some episodes did not add anything to the main plot at all. The casts are great, love all the characters in this show.They seem happy without feeling even a little fears of what just they see.. the story had many potentials with the powers that LDW has, yet the writer decided to throw all of the important things that can happen and concentrate, rather poorly, on the relation ship between the two main leads and Chang's mother. For me this drama story plot is more interesting and enjoyable to watch compare to MLG. Hopefully he come back with new drama in early 2015!! Many people do not like her character when played by Seo Mi Do, and also a lot of people like her to play the character Son Se Dong. Awesome chemistry between the main leads (LDW & SSK) whom I have never seen their respective performance before.The only reason I finished the drama is because I love the story where the main male lead aggressively chases the love of his life. I quite like the plot, totally got mixed emotions upon watching this.Laugh then cry, love then hate, resented the villain but learn to forgive their ways. As for the female lead, she has so many bashers long before she accepted this role.

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