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The tax cancellation, a campaign promise of Ford's, took effect on January 1, 2011.

During the first year in office, Council mostly endorsed Ford's proposals.

Ford received 80,000 votes from the "Downtown 13" wards, or 20% of his total votes. After his DUI conviction became public, his share of the vote increased 10%.

After it was revealed he was banned from high school coaching, he raised For the Executive Committee of City Council, Ford named councillors who had endorsed him in his campaign.

Anyone who calls me a racist is going to face the consequences!

", to which Barber replied "You are a racist." In the 2003 municipal election, Ford endorsed twelve political candidates on a platform of fiscal responsibility to take on fellow councillors: "We just need to get rid of these lifelong politicians that just give out money to special interest groups and don't serve the community. We need to get a new council or this city is going to go down the drain." In 2005, local radio station AM 640 tested councillors on their response by having a reporter make an after-hours call to report a pothole.

He dreamed of becoming a professional football player, and his father paid for him to attend special camps of the Washington Redskins and the University of Notre Dame.The ward's population of over 50,000 in 2006 was 53% composed of immigrants, the largest group being South Asians. Ford proposed a cut to each councillor's 0,000 office budget, money for travel to conferences, ending city limousine usage and club memberships.It is mixed in nature with 40% of dwellings being single-family detached homes and 35% being high-rise apartments. According to Ford, "if we wiped out the perks for council members, we'd save 0 million easy." Ford made a point of not using his allotted city budget for his office expenses, paying for the expenses from his salary.Ford privatized garbage pickup west of Yonge Street.Previously, only Etobicoke had privatized waste removal.

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Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman was pleading with other governments for financial assistance. The argument got heated to the point where Ford called Mammolitti a "Gino-boy".

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