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On the other hand, there are rare cases where it’s possible to encounter the spinning wheel on boot that doesn’t go away.If this happens you’ll almost certainly need to restore i OS with i Tunes, which requires the assistance of a computer and tethering the device by USB cable.If you hold them separately, i OS will attempt to force quit the current app instead, which is not going to do anything if the device is completely frozen up.If you’re seeing a spinning wheel after updating to a new version of i OS, wait at least 5-10 minutes before trying anything else, it’s possible the device is simply updating itself.If this is the case you should issue a forced reboot, 99% of the time this resolves the spinning wheel issue entirely and you’ll be back to using the i Pad or i Phone as usual.You’ll know this has worked because the screen will turn black and then an Apple logo will appear.Note: If the i Pad or i Phone does not appear in i Tunes, put it into DFU mode first and then restore as usual.The reason it’s best to restore to factory defaults first is to be sure the i OS device works with a fresh clean install of system software.

The i Pad and i Phone don’t freeze or crash often, but when they do it can be an epic freeze-up, where the device can either get stuck in an app or, worse, it gets frozen on the dreaded i OS “spinning wheel of death”, the little wait cursor that never goes away.One of those, a jaunty toe-tapper called 'That Time Of Year', was previewed via a live performance from the one-and-only Josh Gad in one of many celebrity appearances.(Kristen Bell, aka the voice of Anna, was also in the house.) is set during the first Christmas that Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Bell) open the castle for the holidays, only to find that their villagers are all off celebrating with their own families.Force reboots take longer than a standard reboot, so don’t be surprised if this takes a minute or two for the i OS device to resume to normal usability.The key thing to remember when forcibly rebooting is to hold down the buttons concurrently.

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