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As a guy, I understand that most of the confusion starts with us.

More often than not, we choose to suggest a casual-sounding hangout rather than an actual date.

I'll lose not only the love of my life but my best friend as well, because no way could I handle trying to stay friends with him afterward. When we started dating, all that changed was we said cutesy things to each other, kissed and had sex, but everything else, that awesome friendship, has stayed the same.—/u/sleepyemoji After reading the experiences of these women it becomes clear that taking the plunge and dating your best friend is, indeed, a big risk. So, if you have feelings for your BFF (and you're both single), I'd say go for it!

Dating is supposed to be exciting and engaging, but these days the romance and possibility of a date seem to be replaced with confusion.

As a straight woman with a lot of straight male best friends I don't harbor any romantic feelings for, I've always been confused by how people manage to transition platonic friendships into relationships.

I mean, what happens to your dynamic when you go from buds who gab about your respective lives to each other's love lives?

He gets me, he accepts my crazy ass for who I am, and he always makes me feel loved and appreciated.

The app is useful for love relationship as well as just friends and family and relatives as well.

And fortunately we’re doing great, as we’re now both best friends and lovers.

We feel comfortable being ourselves around each other. He has always made me feel known, and has always made me feel accepted and wanted just as I am.

If something happens and we break up, my heart is just going to shrivel up and die.

Most relationships I can take or leave and it never takes me very long to get over them when they end, but not this one. We got to know each other really well without the pressure of dating, and I think that’s really helped us.

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Social media and texting has replaced interactions that used to be face-to-face.