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We expect this social norm to be sometimes in our favor and sometimes against us, so we want it to be universalizable and desirable under a veil of ignorance.On that note: let him who is without sin throw the first stone.Have any of you ever said or done anything which, if signal-boosted, would be very embarassing and might prevent you from getting a job?Before you answer, consider this: the person signal-boosting you has much wider reach than you do.

You only get good results if good laws are matched by good social norms.

I have a friend who grew up gay in a small town in Alabama, where “faggot” was the all-purpose insult and the local church preached hellfire as the proper punishment for homosexuality.

He unsurprisingly stayed in the closet throughout his childhood and ended up with various awful psychological problems.

But don’t let the fact that it’s bizarre make you think it isn’t important.

How many of us can say, honestly, that we could bear the Panopticon?

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If you’re a very stupid libertarian strawman, you might ask whether that town had any anti-gay laws on the book – and, upon hearing they didn’t, say that town was “pro-gay”.

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