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Free house wife dating

She too has only one life, what's the problem if she exercised her choice like you do? But please don't use the alibi of 'bisexual' to describe your extra marital affairs.What's fair for the guy, should be for the girl too! Infidelity is not limited to any gender or sexual orientation.You are using such words as family bonds and happiness, but it is based on secrecy and cheating.Aren't complete trust in your partner part of your family value system?But there are people for whom being homosexual means loving a man and not just having *** with a man.I don;t expect everyone to be like that, or even understand that, even many straight marriages are based on sexual relationships. Hari Kr, If you don't need her permission to carry flings or surf here, why would she need your permission either?However, Harikr did me a favour by breaking a stereotype of men with homosexual tendencies being more sensitive towards women.

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Just keep it simple Married men of Ohmojo: Are you happy?

I am a married guy too ..stopped goofing around since a long-time.all depends how satisfied you are with your partner mentally and physically...don't allow or command one's normal for you or your perception of nothing being wrong in it might not be true for your partner every step you take whether *** around or anything else just have a sane mind and question yourself first...

Your wife does not know that you are cheating on her, but you do know.

So if you are treating your wife as equal, then your mind should be telling you that you have been betraying her.

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coz she also stil maybe taking care of family i ngood way.. and how u say she doesnot need as u satisfy her in allways..?? you are free to have a sexual relationship outside marriage, but not your wife.