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A list of categories, scrawled on a whiteboard, reminds the workers of what they're hunting for: pornography, gore, minors, sexual solicitation, sexual body parts/images, racism.

When Baybayan sees a potential violation, he drills in on it to confirm, then sends it away—erasing it from the user's account and the service altogether—and moves back to the grid.

A contractor at the Manila office of Task Us, a firm that provides content moderation services to U. But on a muggy February afternoon, some of these companies' most important work is being done 7,000 miles away, on the second floor of a former elementary school at the end of a row of auto mechanics' stalls in Bacoor, a gritty Filipino town 13 miles southwest of Manila.

Moises Saman/Magnum The campuses of the tech industry are famous for their lavish cafeterias, cushy shuttles, and on-site laundry services.

When I climb the building's narrow stairwell, I need to press against the wall to slide by workers heading down for a smoke break.

Up one flight, a drowsy security guard staffs what passes for a front desk: a wooden table in a dark hallway overflowing with file folders.

’”So companies like Facebook and Twitter rely on an army of workers employed to soak up the worst of humanity in order to protect the rest of us.

Here Are Alternatives You May Not Like Weev, But Your Online Freedom Depends on His Appeal Here in the former elementary school, Baybayan and his coworkers are screening content for Whisper, an LA-based mobile startup—recently valued at 0 million by its VCs—that lets users post photos and share secrets anonymously.

Moderators here view a raw feed of Whisper posts in real time.

Shorn from context, the posts read like the collected tics of a Tourette's sufferer.

“Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it's tough to put it back in.”Watching Baybayan's work makes terrifyingly clear the amount of labor that goes into keeping Whisper's toothpaste in the tube.

(After my visit, Baybayan left his job and the Bacoor office of Task Us was raided by the Philippine version of the FBI for allegedly using pirated software on its computers.

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