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The rules associated with referential integrity are: Oracle Database enables you to define and enforce each type of data integrity rule defined in the previous section.Most of these rules are easily defined using either integrity constraints or database triggers (stored database procedures automatically invoked on insert, update, or delete operations).Oracle Database uses integrity constraints to prevent invalid data entry into the base tables of the database.You can define integrity constraints to enforce the business rules you want to associate with the information in a database.Because you define integrity constraints using SQL statements, no additional programming is required when you define or alter a table.The SQL statements are easy to write and eliminate programming errors. The declarative approach is also better than using stored procedures, because the stored procedure solution to data integrity controls data access, but integrity constraints do not eliminate the flexibility of random data access.You can disable integrity constraints temporarily so that large amounts of data can be loaded without the overhead of constraint checking.When the data load is complete, you can easily enable the integrity constraints, and you can automatically report any new rows that violate integrity constraints to a separate exceptions table.

Referential integrity also includes the rules that dictate what types of data manipulation are allowed on referenced values and how these actions affect dependent values.constraint and a default value, the database can optimize the operation and reduce the amount of time that the table is locked for DML.The database stores metadata in the table that describes the default value in the added column.The semantics of integrity constraint declarations are clearly defined, and performance optimizations are implemented for each specific declarative rule.The Oracle Database optimizer can use declarations to learn more about data to improve overall query performance.

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As a result, the database does not need to populate every row with the default value when you add the column, thereby minimizing the time that the table is locked.