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That weeds out a lot of potential dates — and there's no OK Cupid for the Duggar family, with their restrictions on Internet usage.Plus, Jill's relationship with her husband Derick started via text and Skype while he was a missionary in Nepal, so we may not be seeing any new Duggar significant others for a while if they're separated by thousands of miles."We are just so thankful for our friends and those out there who have been praying for our family.Thank you so much."But because their brood is constantly growing—Jill has said she wants multiple children—Jim Bob couldn't help but joke, "Four grandkids and counting... Before Jill even delivered baby Israel she was already talking about having more kids.I've always been impressed by how quickly the Duggar family can plan a wedding.

Michelle Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar couldn't contain their excitement at the birth of their newest grandchild, posting a video to Facebook gushing over their daughter's little bundle of joy."What a blessed time this is as we welcomed our new grandbaby little Israel into the world," Michelle said."We're open to as many children as God will give us," Jill dished."We believe children are a blessing from the Lord and a gift from him.""We've talked about adopting, too," Derrick chimed in.One of their many rules about dating is that the parents should be involved in introducing potential courting partners to their children.So if Jim Bob meets an upstanding young person he believes would be a suitable match for one of his children, he would put them into contact and supervise while the two kids get to know one another.

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So they either want to keep their relationships private, they aren't interested in anyone at the moment, or they're focusing on their careers instead.

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