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It is evident that the link between the two is not happenstance.Furthermore, the authors do not separate violent and non-violent forms of delinquency.

Or did you walk around the perimeter of the playground, holding a stick, talking to a worm, watching, but not joining your peers?Being Rejected even has triggered dormant DNA in your cells to increase your risk for inflammatory disease later in life. If so (and if you were also physically attractive), you may have grown up to be one the dominant, high status adolescents in high school (think The Plastics, or A-listers) who bullied others to stay at the top of the teenage food chain.You probably started using illegal substances earlier in life, having unprotected sex, and your chances of teenage pregnancy (or getting someone pregnant before the age of 17) was much higher than others.Not all students, however, have the opportunity to follow this prescribed path and succeed. Spence of Brigham Young University present data in “Modeling the Association Between Academic Achievement and Delinquency: an Application of Interactional Theory,” with the goal of developing a model to see if reciprocal associations exist among delinquent behavior, school attachment, and academic achievement.Many students are prevented from going down this road due to poor academic achievement and delinquency. They want to know if it is possible that delinquency can be both a cause and consequence of weakened social bonds and academic achievement.

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For most students, strong academic performance ideally leads to a college acceptance and the path to a dream job.

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