Delonte west dating lebron james mom

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As for Delonte West, he has always been a character — and not always in a good way.

In September of 2009, he was pulled over while riding a motorcycle and was found to be hiding three guns in a guitar case.

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Former NBAer Delonte West is part of the most infamous rumor perhaps in all of sports history ...

and he says that is the reason he didn't name his son after him. back in 2010, in the middle of the NBA playoffs, a rumor emerged saying that Delonte had sex with Le Bron James' mother Gloria.

Gloria James gave birth to Le Bron in 1984 at the age of 16.This movie tell story about Samantha Kingston has everything. After one fateful night, she wakes up with no future at all.Trapped into reliving the same day over and over, she begins to question just how perfect her life really was. Oh, whatever) has posted some pictures on his Instagram that not only show him spending time with Gloria James, but apparently sporting some of Le Bron’s new hardware.Delonte West is sleeping with Le Bron James mom — according to Terez

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There was never any proof, but Le Bron played so poorly once the rumor came to light ... In an interview with Vice Sports, West says avoided naming his son after him because he didn't want him to be tagged with the Le Bron rumor all his life.

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