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Dear Users, Simple Machines is proud to announce the release of the 3rd Beta of SMF 2.1.

It is not unusual to see more than 150 boats participating in what has become one of the regions largest marine regattas. The Puyallup Fair (officially known as the Western Washington Fair) is the largest single attraction held annually in the state of Washington.

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Festival Sundiata: African-American Celebration Celebrating 25 years at Seattle Center, Festival Sundiata is the most comprehensive African and Black American cultural event in the city. Held at Grayland, Grays Harbor County, this is a beachcombers delight where non-professional adults and children can enter their beach-combed art forms contests.

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Situated south of Seattle and east of Tacoma in the shadow of majestic Mount Rainier, the Fairgrounds comprise 169 acres, with buildings and land.

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