Dating singer sewing machine oil cans

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In addition to inserting the disc to achieve the desired stitch, it is also necessary to make a few adjustments to the stitch length and width and even the needle plate in some cases.

However, in light of the fact that I was working on the very first sewing machine that offered the home sewer any decorative stitches at all, I must admit that I was impressed by the variety of stitch options and the genius that it took to create such an innovative machine. When you think about that bit of trivia, it’s not only amazing to think that all of these firsts were jam packed into one sewing machine, it also forces one to take a second look at what we may call a challenge.

They include: Winding the bobbin on the Singer 403a Slant-O-Matic is a piece of cake. After mounting the thread on the spool pin at the base of the machine head, loop your thread through the guide next to the spool pin and up to the bobbin which is placed on the winder, less than three inches above the thread spool. Threading the Singer 403a Slant-O-Matic is just as easy.

You then disengage the needle motion by holding the balance wheel and turning the stop motion dial a quarter turn toward the back. Merely go with the easy to follow the on board guides and before you know it, your machine is threaded and you are ready to sew.

He recorded the sound of one of my machines stitching to use as the basic rhythm, and composed a theme around it.

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starting with a couple of videos showing how to thread the machine that I had learnt to sew on, an 1897 Singer 28K. He now cheerfully acknowledges that he was well wide of the mark.

In 2000, the 3-In-One Oil can was redesigned to look like the early 20th century design (hemisphere base with tapered straight spout).Before the Slant-O-Matic, slant shank presser feet and front drop in bobbins were available only on a limited number of industrial sewing machines.The Slant-O-Matic made it possible for all these advantages to be available in every single home sewing room.As difficult as it may be, we really have to think about the fact that the Singer 403a Slant-O-Matic is the ground breaker that it truly is and then reconsider our criticism about the stitch selection process.What may be a challenge for the 21st Century home sewer was no doubt a dream come true for the home sewer of the mid 1950s.

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better, in fact, than some of the newer machines I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing.

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