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Dating silver plate letter dates

The two-letter inscription EP means "electroplate". Another two-letter inscription "NS" means nickel silver (Alpacca, Neusilber) and serves as a designation of a base metal for silvering.

The size of the "EP" box varies between 1.5 mm x 2.9 mm and 2.1 mm x 3.9 mm.

A special mark for WMF Argentan/Alpacca-based silver-plated hollow ware products.

It consists of the one-word inscription "GEISLINGEN" of 6.6-6.7 mm length, made by a "sans serif" font and put in a rectangular frame. A full mark for this pattern includes a comma in the volume designation (cf. Besides, there is a rectangle with digits, which correspond to the amount of silver (in grams) used for plating.

The two-letter inscription "MB" means a combined use of both brass (M) and Britannia metal (B) as base metals. The absence of any base metal designations means the use of brass as a base metal.

The "M" designation alone was never used at this period.

The famous ostrich mark consists of the image of a running ostrich put inside the rhombus with a two-line inscription WMF/G (G is for Geislingen), which is in turn placed in a dashed rectangle.

In this communication, I am proposing a new scheme of four-group division of these "unofficial" marks.It consists of a "fancy" three-letter WMF inscription, put in an oval. Such mark contains again a three-letter WMF inscription with dots or without (preferentially), but contrary to previous mark made with a "serif" font and put in a rectangular frame.The peculiarity of this mark is a broken "F" letter in the WMF inscription. The length of the three-letter WMF inscription varies in the range 4.7-6.0 mm. A full mark for WMF hollow ware items, exported to the UK (and/or to the US), contains some new secondary marks.Older inscriptions are made with a "serif" font and put in a cartouche. The size of the "O" rhombus is between 1.5 mm x 2.6 mm and 1.9 mm x 2.9 mm.The length of WMFM, WMFN and WMFB inscriptions varies in the range 3.2-5.6 mm. The double-letter inscription "gg" is an abbreviation of the German expression "ganz vergoldet", which means "entirely gilded". They are discussed in detail in my accompanying paper on WMF cutlery mark. (all given without a rectangular frame), the so-called "antler" mark, developed from the Wurtemberg Coat of Arms and used at around 1900 on nickel silver flatware. It could be the 20 year jubilee of the WMF firm or simply the celebration of the new century.

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