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Dating rolex watch

Here are a few things that will help you in establishing the authenticity of your Rolex watch based on the reference number: Below are some of the most popular Rolex models and their reference numbers.

Be aware that this is not a complete list of Rolex reference numbers.

The last digit generally indicates the type of bracelet used for the your particular watch model.

BRACELET CODE REFERENCE ROLEX CLASP CODES A genuine Rolex watch will have a set of letters and numbers on the inside of the clasp hinge.

REFERENCE NUMBER APPEARANCE AND LOCATION A Rolex reference number is as unique as the fingerprints of its owner.This practice does not devalue the watch as long as the bracelet was replaced with a genuine Rolex bracelet that matches the style and the precious metals in the watch itself.Some Rolex models came with a leather strap or a cloth strap. ROLEX CLASP CODE REFERENCE ROLEX SERIAL NUMBERS Rolex serial number is also known as the case number or a style number and is located between the lugs at the 6 o'clock position.EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT TEA RELATED (MY MAIN BUSINESS), IT IS HELPFUL FOR EBAYERS, SO I AM NOW GIVING IT FOR FREE ON EBAY TO HELP PEOPLE AVOID GETTING SCAMMED.PEOPLE HAVE BEEN COPYING MY EBOOK FOR YEARS AND RESELLING IT, AND NOW I AM GIVING IT TO YOU FREE OF CHARGE!

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The Roman numerals that are used are I, II, III, and IV delineating the quarter in which the watch was produced, the two digit Arabic numeral code signifies the year of production.

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