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Dating muslim guy

However, the advent of social media, Muslim matrimonial websites and apps such as “Minder” and “Muz Match” have allowed Muslims to meet each other more easily than before.One of the pioneering Muslim matrimonial websites “Single” boasts over 50,000 marriages taking place as a result of users meeting on the site over the last 17 years.

Navigating society with all the complexities of dual-identity, coming from a conservative religious background in a hyper-sexualised secular society – it can all be challenging when you’re looking for love.

I only wanted to find somebody likeminded, travelling the same spiritual path as me, sharing the most intimate parts of myself with that person alone. Of course it’s not a perfect model, and the institution of religious marriage alienates many queer Muslims, or other Muslims for whom an Islamic marriage (nikkah) is not accessible to, for various reasons.

I will be honest in saying I don’t have an answer nor a solution for that other than continued dialogue and understanding, however the intellectual process behind attempting to find a life partner at a relatively young age is something I subscribe to on a personal level too.

Other young Muslims I spoke to had better experiences than I did; Javed, 24, said that “it’s easier to meet Muslim women online now because it’s not like we’re white people who can just go to a club or a pub to meet girls, and I’m not gonna meet them in the library am I?

So it’s a perfect opportunity online.” But not all Muslims feel comfortable meeting their potential spouse online, there is still some stigma and sense of the great unknown when it comes to online dating and it’s no different in the Muslim community.

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