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Dating in the workplace players

And so while love contracts may avoid some liability when the romance is made known, those agreements clearly are not a cure-all for avoiding liability stemming from workplace romances given the secrecy of so many of them.

(There are also a lot of ways to successfully attack and void a love contract.

Like Ron and Veronica, things get sour when the relationship ends.

Like Ron and Veronica, the break-up can cause serious problems in the workplace not just for them, but for their co-workers and management as well. A lot of employers like to have employees sign mandatory “love contracts” (aka Consensual Relationship Agreements) stating that the relationship is between two consenting adults.

Dunfee, professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton.

These issues fall within an area of “moral free space,” rather than one of universal moral principle, he adds, leaving each society to deem what is considered appropriate.

Mueller, whose own research has shown that organizations seen by employees as unfair in pay, promotion or other practices have higher rates of stealing, bad-mouthing and other damaging behaviors.

The HR department, supervisors, and even co-workers are therefore usually in the dark about the romance until things have gotten ugly.They’re far from bulletproof.) I think employers need to ensure that employees are trained (at least bi-annually) on the company’s sexual harassment policies.Emphasis should be placed on the potential negative consequences for one’s career that can happen when a workplace romance turns bad and is unreported (e.g., allegations of harassment, assault, etc.).Supervisors should be trained (again, at least bi-annually) on the company’s policies, on recognizing and reporting workplace romances, and on the consequences.Combining this training with a strategic use of well-drafted love contracts can go a long way in preventing claims from workplace romances gone bad.

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