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Some Hindus believe that all animals are sentient beings, so they do not eat meat.

But many others eat pretty much whatever they please.

It is true that many Hindu people practice vegetarianism, but this is not the case for the majority of followers.So the religion has evolved into a list of teachings and guiding principles without the political influence seen in the other two majority faiths.There is no founder of Hinduism and no specific origin date.“Hindu” and “Hinduism” likely came from the Persians who invaded the Indian subcontinent and who may have referred to the people of the river valley using the word “Hindu,” which means “river.” The common name for Hinduism is Sanatana Dharma (“eternal duty of God”), which is not widely known in the Western world.Followers are called Dharmis, which means “followers of Dharma.” The use of the words “Hindu” and “Hinduism” are primarily used in Western cultures, though many modern Indians have adopted them.

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