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Dating for healthcare workers

The Cochrane analysis found no evidence to support compulsory vaccination of HCW, she wrote.

Nick Kelley, Ph D, research associate for the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), said that the new analysis provides a more robust look at HCW flu immunization studies than earlier reviews and includes observational studies that weren’t available at the time.

Employee groups support flu vaccination and other measures to control the spread of flu, but many say workers should have the right to opt out for health, religious, or personal reasons.

In addition, the science behind flu vaccination mandates has been a topic of recent debate.

We learned that new mandates for mandatory flu vaccinations of healthcare workers was tied into new requirements for Obamacare.

Failure to meet certain percentages of a healthcare facility’s employees as vaccinated for influenza jeopardized their federal reimbursement of Medicare and Medicaid funds.

It proved essential last June when he needed surgery to replace his right knee, and covers costly prescriptions for acid reflux and high blood pressure medicines.

They focused on four randomized controlled trials and four observational studies from long-term facilities or hospitals.

Republican governors and lawmakers say the work requirements are vital to help manage their ballooning Medicaid costs, particularly in states like Arkansas that expanded the program under former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

The goal, they say, is to encourage healthier residents to return to the employment track, or seek better jobs that could eventually bring benefits.

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EARLE, Arkansas (Reuters) - Gregory Tyrone Bryant left his last stable job at a meatpacking factory to fight a cocaine addiction eight years ago.

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As a resident, Krista Bott, MD, a surgeon at Moses Taylor Hospital, said she worked nearly 80 hours a week at the hospital and when she wasn’t there, she’d study for hours at home.“All of my friends in the area were from work,” she said.

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