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Dating fling new

If you keep in touch and can see one another, your relationship is off to a good start.

If there’s a lack of communication and you aren’t on the same page, things may begin to go downhill. Major’s tips for staying connected beyond the break: If you aren’t ready to say goodbye to your fling once spring break comes to an end, follow our guide and you can hopefully turn it into a relationship.

Justin Bieber, currently on a break with Selena Gomez, spent last night getting cuddly with a blonde model, Baskin Champion. Champion and Bieber are more likely just friendly than romantically involved, as Gossip Cop reports that Champion is currently in a relationship.

She was photographed going back to his place with him after a concert. Some fans claim that Champion deleted all her photos with that boyfriend very recently, but there's no screenshot receipts to back this.

Communication is key in any relationship, and it will be the deciding factor in whether or not your spring break fling will last.

Continue talking to your guy after break and make sure you both still feel the same way once normal life has resumed.

If that’s the case, then you both have to be willing to put in that effort.” Be sure to have this talk before spring break ends so you aren’t left with any confusion or misunderstandings.

Having closure will leave you feeling confident about returning to normal life without worrying about where you and your spring break fling stand.

Letting him know how you feel up front will prevent heartbreak or potential awkwardness later on.

“I think the first [and] most important step is to be honest with each other about whether [a relationship] is something you both want to pursue,” Dr. “While you’re in the moment, it might be hard to figure that out, but shortly after, once some of the party dust has settled just a bit, that can be a conversation that you both have.

The key part is that you both agree to pursue it.” Dr.

Major also mentions that your fling may not be looking for the same thing as you: “Keep in mind, it is spring break, and he may not be interested in anything beyond hooking up today or tonight or for the rest of the trip, so an idea like that may turn him off.

But this is about you feeling good about what’s happening, so if a relationship is what you’re looking for then claim that, stand in that dream and don’t back down from it.” The atmosphere of spring break (read: so many shirtless men and margaritas) can make it hard to focus on reality.

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