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He was about to arrest him when Levi pulled out a gun.His true intention all along was to procure those Aztec jewels from Maxie. Dante found him; Nathan sputtered that Levi was a criminal.Nathan piped up, saying that he threw away the notice.

Obrecht was his mother, she was sympathetic and allowed him to stay. Seeing her walking the red carpet, Nathan complimented her. When Nathan did a sexy group number led by Magic Milo, and he threw his shirt to Maxie from the stage.

Maxie walked down the aisle and said, "I do," as Nathan approached the altar, arrested Levi, and announced that he was a con man. The so-called immigration agent, Scribner, who was actually just Levi's accomplice, held a gun on Lulu. As Nathan searched for the two women, he found Maxie's veil.

Meanwhile, with Maxie and Lulu held captive, Maxie aggravated Levi so much that he left the room without his phone. She did not know their location, but Nathan was able to track the phone's location. He had been attracted to her since the day they met, adding that she "dazzled him." "Now I know you have a concussion," she replied. Love out of the way, the two decided that the first priority was getting out.

Nathan had the key, but when Maxie tried to grab it, it flew out of his hand.

They could not find it; he refused to call the station out of embarrassment. There was a key at the apartment, but they had to walk there.

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Nathan was en route to arrest family members, so he was in no mood.

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