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There are nearly a thousand archeological reports, but most of these were done to satisfy the historical preservation laws that require studies on many development projects.

The sheer number of these is impressive, but in themselves they are not accessible or meaningful to the general reader.

William Safford, a young US Naval officer assigned to the office of the Territorial Governor of Guam in 1902, was probably the first to make detailed observations that bore on the antiquities of the island.

Click here to see the Guampedia list of entries about Ancient Guam based on archeological investigations.Historical preservation laws seek to preserve and protect archeological sites so they can give up their clues to ancient life ways to the discerning eyes of archeologists who are trained to peel back the layers of the past.Please respect and protect these ancient sites so that their wisdom can be preserved and passed along to future generations.The first archeologists to study and report on the ancient cultures of Guam were keen observers who kept excellent records of their findings.Alfred Marche was commissioned by the Paris Museum in the 1880s to make observations on the natural history and culture of Guam and the Marianas.

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Were ancient Chamorros warlike or peaceful and cooperative? How did the environment change and how did they adapt to the changing environment?

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