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Would my long-term ex claim sexual harassment because when we brokeup I might have drunkenly reminisced about happier times via text once too often?Or could the comedian that I had to gently let down after two lovely but connectionless dates claim that I simply hadn’t given him enough of a chance and was therefore discriminating against funny people?However, while there isn’t much about the dating agency world that I’m keen on, there is a lot about this case that I like.The sheer level of self confidence that it must take to believe you’re such a catch that the only way a dating agency could fail to find you an appropriate match would be if they never looked in the first place is something, in my opinion, to be applauded.Spent £50 on a new Warehouse dress only for its first outing to be two hours in an old man’s pub listening to an intense defence of Jordan Peterson?Simply send the bill to Bumble and breathe a sigh of relief that you can consign both the dress and the date to the bin.

And will it one day be possible for me to demand reparations for the phone bill run up on deep and meaningful conversations with the part-time magician who couldn’t quite seem to make his full-time girlfriend disappear?Of course we couldn’t stop at simply suing the dating provider – we’d have to go after the dates themselves.Otherwise, who could you blame for the time an instant connection made with a fellow participant on a charity car race never amounted to anything? Rather than letting it go, the only thing would be to sue for breach of promise.Everyone deserves a love story that is uniquely yours.Let us walk with you on your precious and exciting search for true love.

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