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Dating agencies in nottinghamshire

But she's not tracking down highpowered executives for blue-chip companies or seeking top-flight managers for hot-shot start-ups.

Instead she is on a mission to find men: interesting, presentable, solvent, kind, successful men - "the good genuine guys" - who are eager to start serious relationships with her roster of busy professional female clients.

She tells of top-end British agencies who trade mainly in Russian brides or whose attempts at a personal approach consist of handing a client an album full of black and white photographs of their other clients.

Enjoy talking and flirting with many single people at each one of our events, a great opportunity to meet single people along with the added excitement of who you want to date!

"Everyone has a story like mine or worse," she says of the boyfriend she followed to Hong Kong five years ago, having given up her job and her apartment in London, only to discover he had fallen in love with a colleague and was two-timing her."I was heartbroken and came home to my parents in Nottingham the next day.

I've had my share of not great relationships," she says.

Shortly before she launched Mutual Attraction she met Christian, who is from Madrid, Spain, in a bar.

The couple are now househunting in the country."Our first date was awful - he talked about his ex a lot and wasn't laughing at my jokes - but after a second date we moved in together.

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