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If you can get a handle on the things on this list, I guarantee you’ll notice your relationship drastically change for the better.

Here you go: It’s a man’s nature to look, getting on his case shows you’re insecure, which is a huge turn-off.

most of the issues women are having are rooted in the same mistakes.

To help you break away from the pack and get on the path toward a healthier, happier relationship, I’ve identified the 12 most common relationship mistakes most women make.

It took me a few years of sometimes difficult inner-work, but I finally learned how to love myself and men. (Yes, we have to learn that too.)I’m so happy you’re here. It starts from the first “hello” or glance across the room. The doubting and trying to “figure it out” escalates from there.…Often I've suspected these were men living out their fantasies by creating an online faux-Domme persona that enforces them.If her she calls herself Lady Sarah then your email should probably begin civilly and conventionally enough with "Dear Lady Sarah." Addressing her as Mistress implies a relationship with her that you've yet to earn. And if you've created a web page as I suggested above close your email with the URL.And that may be the very thing that is keeping you single. read the full post…Are your expectations of men based on fear?Good chance they are and that’s likely sabotaging your relationships with good men.

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When you accept my help, you will learn what I did, but in a MUCH simpler and faster way! read the full post…Have you ever wondered “are my expectations of men realistic?

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