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Dating activities for discussion

Senior centers also organize group trips and provide lunches for participating members for a nominal fee.

Red Hat Society founder Sue Ellen Cooper believes that women of a certain age can live life with élan, interest, and gusto.

A walk in your neighborhood, at the mall, along the beach or around your favorite park is a great way to start the day.

For variety, combine walking with another activity such as bird watching, a scavenger hunt, or letterboxing (an outdoor activity that combines hiking and treasure hunting).

Seniors can also have access to a program advisor and online support to help address seniors' unique health needs.

The National Senior Games Association oversees the Senior Olympics.

Why not consider adding a hobby that you never had the time to develop before? A study by Brenda Hanna-Pladdy, Ph D, and Alicia Mac Kay, Ph D, found that seniors who played musical instruments performed better on cognitive tests than those who did not play an instrument.

If you have always wanted to learn to play the trumpet, saxophone, or guitar, go to your local music store and ask about private lessons for senior beginners. Intergenerational discussion can be stimulating for everyone in the group. While there are certainly spirit-enriching activities you can do alone, including meditation, group activities are, by far, more satisfying for most people.

Check the directory for your state's games to learn how to get involved.If ballroom or tap isn't your thing, but you still love dancing, try Zumba Gold.Zumba's a high-energy Latin-inspired dance workout, and the Gold variety was designed with seniors in mind.What started as a few friends over 50 going out for tea in their red hats in the 1990s has swelled to an international "dis-organization." Put your long-acquired business acumen to good use as a mentor in SCORE.Originally an acronym for Service Corps of Retired Executives, today SCORE is a powerful tool for small businesspeople and entrepreneurs.

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Many of the classes are rich with discussion, guest speakers, and field trips.