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Dating a guy in the coast guard

Still, sources say you shouldn’t even start thinking about when she eventually breaks up with him.

You couldn’t mask your discomfort when you pulled up Gate A1 and handed him your ID, officials said.

You will be formed as a company to promote teamwork, pride, and unit discipline, while marching to and from class. Cape May is located at the Southern part of New Jersey and experiences cold winters and hot summers. You will be issued a complete set of uniforms, three sets of physical fitness gear, a pair of sweats, swim suit and running shoes.

The company will be berthed (living) in a squad bay. In general bring minimal civilian attire - enough to report aboard and travel home.

The physical fitness assessment and swim assessment will be conducted during the first week of training. Training will be held 7 days per week, 12-16 hours per day.

Members will have limited access to pay phones but will be allowed to make calls for family and business requirements periodically. Advanced travel, DLA and pay may be authorized to assist members and families with travel.

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This is dependent on the needs of the service and is not a guarantee for enlistment.

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