Datascroller not updating

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Datascroller not updating

(Or do force its publication.) Reload Tutorial12/rich in your browser. Certainly you wonder why the table is empty instead of showing our 3 rows (or actually the first two ones) .

The answer is that at the time the table was being rendered, the data model component row List was undefined.

You may have a global but we will create a separate configuration file /seam Tutorial12/Web Content/rich xml next to the page file itself (thanks to the matching names Seam will understand it’s for rich Table.xhtml): Now you can once again go to Tutorial12/rich and you will see that the dates within rows do not change anymore no matter how you switch the table pages. Additionally we’ve found out what to do when the project’s data source isn’t deployed correctly to the server and got to know some troubleshooting tools.part we will create a simple web page with a table presenting data on multiple pages using Ajax (a Rich Faces component) and its model stored as a POJO Component in the Seam Conversation scope.I assume that you already have some basic knowledge of Seam and JSF, for instance that you know what a Component or the Conversation scope are. JSF requires data to be provided as an instance of Data Model however we will use a simple List and let Seam to wrap it into a Data Model.Normally Seam creates a new conversation for each request and destroys it when the request ends, in the very same way as with the Event scope. Below you can see Fire Bug in action observing Post parameters of an Ajax request (tab “XHR”): How do you find out whether an action triggered a new conversation or remained in an existing conversation?To get a truly long-lived conversation you must start it explicitly. By checking whether the request parameter has changed it’s number or not or wasn’t a part of the request at all.

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If you haven’t the choice or forget it you will see an error like the following one during the Seam application startup following its deployment: You may have a component that outjects another component as a data model via the annotation @Data Model on a property.

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