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I'd guess none of the people in that report bear any resemblance to her in any way even if they think of themselves as cougars. Merely dating someone younger than you doesn't make you a cougar.A true cougar is so old and undesirable to men that she has to actively hunt her prey if she's ever going to have anything at all going on with a guy because she otherwise gets zero male interest in her. On the infamous zero to ten scale, she rates a negative number.In fact, I believe character, charisma, true warmth and presence that comes with age are the most powerful attractors of all. I think that you're but blinded by the dull old feminist lense.Cougars are strong and capable of a good kill; theres nothing negative about the term except what you map onto it.A true cougar evokes the cringe factor in men -- that's why her only recourse is to go predatory on the hornier segment of the male population.She preys on younger men because she's desperate, and because they're easier and more vulnerable sexually, and thus the only thing she can swing, and then only for a bar pickup and a drunken one-night stand, not for love and romance and happily ever after.Men closer to her age have no interest in her unless they're at the level of Cougar Annie's hubbie, i.e., losers who are desperate just for room and board.In other words, a cougar bears no resemblance whatsoever to the buxom blond on that website.

I'm sorry to report that calling oneself a "cougar" is just the newest sexual fad, like being "bi" was a decade ago, but in reality they are few and far between, and rarely seen. You can follow my life with my family at if you want a peek at what its like. I think that this may be the case for many older men.

Discourse in popular culture DOES affect the way we think and vice versa; and each of us CAN affect that discourse as well from our individual stations in society by the way we use it. I absolutely agree that the "cougar" moniker carries a negative connotation.

And we do need to work on this prejudicial use of language as well as the stereotypes of older women and what is truly attractive.

And many of these women are recognizing new relationship possibilities for themselves.

A recent survey of 100 self-proclaimed cougars sheds light: more than 90% of these modern cougars say they want a long-term relationship with a younger man.

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About a third of them say they will never go back to dating men their own age.

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