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“He approached the bar a few people down from where I was and ordered a drink.With drink in hand, he began to walk away from the bar and again glanced over at me,” I told her.Would you want to just walk up to someone who has not given you any reason to think she’s interested back?Guys dislike rejection as much as we do, so they look for signs that you might be open to their approach.

A lot of that must happen within our hearts and minds, but we can take exterior steps towards building confidence by doing simple things, like making and maintaining eye contact, that affirm that men are, in fact, interested.

If you catch his gaze, hold the eye contact and smile.

This simple, nonverbal action communicates to him that you are open to a conversation and friendly, to boot.

When a man enters a room, the first thing he’s looking for is a woman who will return his gaze.

If you’re not giving him eye contact, he will not approach you.


That’s right, four minutes of gazing into each other's eyes, and love blossomed in a laboratory, so what makes you think a quick five-second glance won't get you an introduction in a crowded bar? But this may happen because it’s not as difficult for us to look a man in the eye with whom there is no attraction.

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