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By the improvement of the Game Laws the Aristocracy have torn out one leaf from our pages; when, in like manner, they have torn out the rest, our labours will cease—and not till then.

is the Encyclopedia of English politics for the Georgian era, and will last as long as the abuses it exposes shall endure.

Previous editions were known as the “extraordinary” Black Book. It was scanned and originally put online by Google for non-commercial, educational purposes.

Our work is an assemblage of facts and principles, and it would be wonderful, if, in so great a number, some errors had not escaped vigilance.

It was drawn up by John Wade as part of the radical movement to expand the franchise in England. The work is an excellent example of the Philosophic Radicals class theory of political power.

This edition one is the revised and expanded edition of 1835.

In lieu of the old system we are told a new one is in progress of being substituted; intelligence, not patronage, is to form the pivot of public authority: the idea is a grand one,—it is worthy of the age, and we wait in hope to see it practically realized.

In conclusion we must observe that many opinions have been introduced, from which, we doubt not, our readers will dissent; we regret this, but it is unavoidable.

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